FundRoom Launches Next Generation Marketplace for Private Company Securities

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RICHMOND, Va., Aug. 3, 2012

RICHMOND, Va., Aug. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – FundRoom is ushering in a new era of business fundraising, expanding into several major cities around the U.S. The next generation private company securities marketplace looks to make capital allocation more accessible and capital transactions more efficient.

“We are taking on the challenge to improve a difficult and inefficient process associated with private placement security transactions,” says Mat Dellorso, CEO of FundRoom. “The marketplace is a tool to assist in information collection, allowing us to disseminate companies within a wide range of capital raises and present our investors the opportunities that match their portfolio,” Dellorso adds.

The company may have created a more efficient search process for investors who want to add a private placement investment to their portfolio. The marketplace is built with resources and distribution channels for companies to market their own raise effectively, through a platform set up to comply with Federal and State securities regulations.

FundRoom is affiliated with WealthForge, LLC, a FINRA/ SIPC registered broker dealer with licensed representatives in New York, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, and Richmond. The company’s representatives have experience selling a vast range of securities, enabling them to develop a highly scalable business model and handle raises anywhere from $500k to $100 million.

FundRoom helps source and distinguish investment opportunities at various capital levels while matching them with portfolio needs of interested investors. This provides WealthForge and its representatives a more efficient way to locate quality investment opportunities and a more sophisticated way to present opportunities to investors. The company believes this will help remove a lot of guesswork typically involved in private placement security transactions, allowing WealthForge to perform a higher volume of capital raises.

“This is a new type of marketplace where social influence provides investors additional information on where to put their money, but this isn’t a complete departure from the normal brick and mortar brokerage houses,” says Dellorso.  “We have registered representatives in several markets ensuring we leverage both new technology and traditional methods to help our clients succeed.”

An innovative business model mixed with traditional funding methods may be the solution to speeding up an age-old process and improving the quality of investment opportunities. FundRoom,   together with WealthForge, can make a strong case for creating a secure and more sophisticated private placement market – one that looks to be ahead of its time.

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